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EJ Hughes with Aya at Blujaz
EJ HUGHES - Live at Cutters
EJ Hughes/ Jose Manuel Garcia Duo


" EJ is a leader and carries himself as such. He should not be put in wasted side jobs or in the back seat of any project; he should be in the front line and in first chair. EJ is welcomed back at any time to Holland America Line Inc. but any organization would be lucky to have this titan of a musician and leader."

Gene Young Cruise Director Grand Voyages

"EJ is a superb, world-class musician and human being. He has a beautiful, warm sound.  A seasoned improviser with a deep sense of harmony, EJ can bridge between among diverse music genres, from jazz to Afrocuban music."


Dr. José Manuel García, DMA, Steinway Artist 


" EJ is a highly gifted, motivated individual, able to play any style with ease and grace. He is a truly talented musician, and can adapt well to any performance setting. EJ is the consummate professional, always well-prepared for all sets and shows, and is highly respected by his colleagues. He has a great attitude on and off stage, and is always willing and eager to do what is best for his band, often going above and beyond what is required of him. "

Anthony Harris

Music Director & Band Leader, Holland America



" E.J is a terrific player who maintains the highest level of professionalism both on and off stage. His sound and technique on the saxophone exhibits his many years of experience in New York and Atlanta, and his doubling abilities on the clarinet and the flute are equally developed, and at a level seldom seen on ships. E.J is able to perform all styles of music, and whether improvising a jazz club gig, or performing an intensive main stage show requiring sight-reading and technical precision, E.J excels.!
On a personal level, E.J has been a tremendous resource to my personal musical 'education' through the sharing of his stories and experiences from his past musical career, and offering recording suggestions and stylistic playing advice specifically related to the jazz idiom, in which I have been trying to further develop my skills. E.J is a great teacher and role model, and his pleasant personality and social skills makes him comfortable to communicate with, and very easy to relate

to. "

Adam Falconi
M.Mus, B.Mus!  Musical Director

" E.J. Hughes is a talented musician who understands the beauties and intricacies of the music, an artist destined to make a valuable contribution to this art form "


Sam Rivers 



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"Artist Philosophy"


Musical Philosophy

It is my belief and philosophy that there are many different ways to help people to become well-equipped to perform and teach music. I believe the best path is through inspiration. This comes from learning how one can be inspired most through understanding the type of learner they are. While I’ve had success in larger groups with a broad-based approach it is amazing to me that each individual learns and is inspired in a unique way. Through extensive private students I have seen incredible growth using different approaches based on the individual. I am also confident that there are certain fundamental truths that performers and educators need to be exposed to. In a rapidly changing world adaptation is crucial. It is also necessary to equip students for the many paradigm shifts that can occur. I believe I have achieved a very adaptable 

approach and it has kept me performing and teaching for 3 decades. I’ve inspired many who have in turn have enriched my life with their achievements and progress, giving back to the world through mutual edification. This is the highest honor for me in education. I went through difficult times struggling with major clinical depression. I had to start from ground zero and rebuild myself changing everything from diet, exercise, and active pursuit of the 

fundamentals of happiness. After two years traveling the world playing music and discovering the things I value I can see that anything is possible with concentrated effort and support. I believe in the value of faith and bringing people together to a greater experience through patience and understanding. I have seen the results of my transformation encourage and inspire others giving proof to the idea that it is possible to move mountains by consistent and 

concentrated effort. Music has been my vehicle to inspire and heal and a common thread throughout my entire life. I am a musician who believes in opening this experience to all. 


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